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Thursday, December 2, 2010

And Ariel's Blog Post Nominations Are...

What could they be?? Photo credit: gAbY on flickr

Drum roll, please:
  • Historical Content: One of the (many) strengths of Kristi Koerner's blog is her demonstrated understanding of historical content. A great example of this is her post called Leading Up to Mormonism, in which she discusses the way historical concepts previously discussed in class are reflected in the Mormon faith; it is obvious by the way she discusses each principle that she fully understands it, and she has provided a valuable reference point for those of her classmates looking to improve their own historical posts.
  • Computing Content: Alex Gunnarson's post about lynda.com is an ideal example of the digital literacy lab blog entry. He begins with an overview of what the tool is (a website of video tutorials for a plethora of software programs, like Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, etc.) and why it is useful, and then goes into how he found the tool and his purpose in using it. With multiple screencasts, he walks the user through the process of finding a tutorial (he uses Adobe Flash Catalyst as an example), making the process clear and easy to follow. Thanks to his post, I will be using lynda.com in the future.
  • Self-Directed Learning: Jeff Whitlock is passionate about economics, and it shows in his extremely well-informed, well thought-out blog posts that combine in-depth research with personal experience. Two of my favorites are about cell phones in developing countries and  microfinance. Clear and concise, Jeff's posts show a great deal of personal investment in his topics and help even a lay audience (i.e. people like me, who know relatively little about economics) understand and feel enlightened.
It has been a privilege for me to interact with so many people with so many great ideas over the course of this semester. Like I've said before, learning is discourse, and I appreciate the way that each of my classmates have improved the quality of my learning by getting their ideas out there via their blogs. As others have expressed, there were so many exemplary posts that it was difficult to choose just a few. Great job, everyone!

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