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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Come One, Come All...Making Connections

I think I'm actually getting better at this whole "Connect" thing; maybe it's a sign that I'm becoming more socially competent! Anyway, I've been a little surprised at how easy it has been to invite people to our big event on Thursday night and how much interest people have shown so far. (Not that I doubted the collective awesomeness of my Digital Civilization class; I just had less confidence in my own abilities to spread the word.) I have found that if you are passionate and excited about something, it is easier for other people to get excited too. Here are some of the things I've done to spread the word and share the love.

  1. I asked Dr. Burton if I could make a pitch to the other class I'm taking from him, which I have on the same day as Digital Civilization. We've been using the same learning objectives of Consume, Create, and Connect in that class, which made it a little easier for me to customize my approach to that particular audience. I told them that this class has really revolutionized my approach to learning, and I believe that digital literacy will be critical for students to be most effective in the digital age. That same day I also pitched to my American Lit class with Dr. Phil Snyder, who knows Professor Burton and endorsed attending the event (he says he might come too!) I gave out all of my flyers that day--I was pretty proud of myself. 
  2. I brought up the class and our event in conversations with friends and acquaintances whenever I could, and invited everyone to come. There's a guy in my ward who's a computer geek and knows all about open-source software and writes code and runs LINUX on his computer and the whole nine yards. He expressed a lot of interest when I invited him. I've also talked to coworkers, roommates, and friends who have said they would like to attend.
  3. I have yet to make my online pitch/invitations, but just this evening I talked to my mom on the phone and told her that she could watch the event video streamed live on JustinTV.com, as Dr. Burton describes on his post (Thank you, Eric Collyer!). She plans to attend. After I finish writing this post I'm going to get on Facebook and send some personal invitations to old roommates and friends from back home to see if they would like to come or, if possible, watch it live via video stream.
I am getting excited for this event. Honestly, I have done my best to base my approach on the fact that I believe this information to be useful, and not just on the fact that there will be milk and cookies at the end of the presentation. This is something I care about that I believe will be worthwhile, because it certainly has been for me. Like I've said before, learning is discourse; let's get as many people as we can involved in the conversation.

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