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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Writing about Blogging: A Proposal

WritingThese past few weeks I've been working on a research paper about blogging as a learning tool and how it can be implemented in undergraduate classrooms. This topic is so exciting to me--having personally experienced the benefits of utilizing a blog in a course, I believe that research about how to optimize the use of this up-and-coming media is interesting and valuable for students and teachers alike. One of the greatest benefits for using a blog in an academic setting is to document the learning process. As I was discussing this paper tonight with Dr. Burton, my former professor for Digital Civilization, he suggested I model the process I'm talking about. When I told him about the proposal I wrote for my paper last week, he suggested I post it on my blog.

"It's valuable before it's complete knowledge," he said.

And I agree.

So here, in its entirety, is my proposal. Since its submission, I have done more research and have formulated more questions, which I would like to post soon. Any feedback is much appreciated.

(Photo credit: J. Paxon Reyes on flickr)