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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Define: Ariel

1. She who is the author of this blog. (At this point, as Sherlock Holmes says in the 2009 movie, "We now have a firm grasp of the obvious.")
My name means "lion or lioness of God," and is also another name for Jerusalem. It's actually the 3rd word in Isaiah 29. Go ahead--look it up. However, my parents first got the idea from Shakespeare's The Tempest, which I suppose partially explains the fact that I am now an English major at BYU.

2. The second oldest of nine children--5 boys, 4 girls.
This, in itself, comprises a myriad of different titles, including but not limited to: assistant of chaos control, cleanup crew, mediator, jungle gym, chauffeur (often to opposite sides of town late at night to pick up teenage brothers), reacher of high things, cheerleader at various sporting events, living coat rack/stuff-holder, and late-night-peanut-butter-and-jelly-sandwich-maker. Yes, life with the family is often crazy, loud, and borderline insane, but I love them all dearly and wouldn't have it any other way. And now that I'm away at college, life is strangely quieter...

3. Citizen of Boise, Idaho. No, I did not grow up on a potato farm, although a lot of Idaho is agricultural and there is a potato farm in my extended family somewhere. Yes, I do like to eat potatoes, but they are not my favorite food, though life would be incomplete without tater tots and fry sauce. I enjoy a variety of fruits and veggies and would die happy eating chocolate.

4. Reader of nearly all things, from cereal boxes to Popular Mechanics to classical literature.
I started reading when I was four and haven't stopped since. I also write, mostly for academic and personal uses, and I have kept a journal since I was ten years old. I've considered starting a blog for some time now, and my Digital Civilization class has now provided the incentive I needed, or this would still be in the contemplative stage.

5. Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Being a member of this church and striving to pattern my life after the teachings of the Savior has provided me with purpose and direction and has brought me a great deal of joy.

6. An infinite person who cannot ever completely be defined.
In one of my classes last semester we touched on Emmanuel Levinas and his studies of ethics, and one of his concepts I found most fascinating is the idea that people are infinite in nature; no matter how many words we use to describe someone, we will never be able to create a completely comprehensive description of them. So no matter how well we know a person, he or she can still surprise us. The moral of the story: I believe that my ideas and the ideas of others each have value as products of a unique soul. It is so exciting to think that each person out there has something to offer, and with all the methods of communication available to us now people can bring their ideas together in new and exciting ways. The possibilities are quite literally endless.

So with that as food for thought, happy reading.

The Dawn of the Digital Age in My Life

This, my friends, is the beginning of a new era in the course of my existence.

It is interesting that the first topic for our Honors Civilization/Digital Culture course should be New Worlds and Worldviews; blogging and the digital world at large is a new world for me. However, I've always believed in broadening my horizons, and the digital world is the new frontier; I am greatly looking forward to increasing my digital literacy and looking at the past through the lens of the present and future and vice versa. It promises to be most enlightening. So, to quote Christopher Columbus:

"For this purpose I determined to keep an account of the voyage, and to write down punctually every thing we performed or saw from day to day, as will hereafter appear."

And so I embark on what I expect will be a grand adventure.